Shutting down our Stripe subscription key

Effective September 22, Locksmith's Stripe subscription key has been shut down.

Why now?

The shutdown aligns with the effective date of new European regulatory requirements (SCA). Our Stripe subscription key has been deprecated for some time, and has been unavailable to new Locksmith accounts since August 2018. The new regulatory requirements serve as a natural impetus to shut down this feature completely.

What should I use instead?

We recommend ReCharge, as a replacement for your current use of our Stripe subscription key.

To set up your account yourself, use our guide:
Earn recurring revenue on your exclusive content using ReCharge

To receive assistance from the team at ReCharge, start here:

What does the shutdown mean?

  • Any content locked with a Stripe subscription key will no longer be available to subscribers.
  • Anyone visiting content locked with a Stripe subscription key will be shown a message asking them to contact the merchant for assistance with their account.
  • Locksmith will not modify your Stripe customer or subscription records in any way. You are and will be responsible for managing any Stripe customer or subscription records, including cancelling them if appropriate. (This is a good time to recall that ReCharge has a complete migration assistance service!)
  • Locksmith will stop accessing your Stripe account entirely, and any existing Stripe access tokens in our database will be destroyed.

What should I do?

Now that the Stripe subscriptions key has been shut down, make sure to remove any Stripe subscription keys from your Locksmith account. We recommend working with ReCharge to migrate your subscription setup over to their system, setting up auto-tagging in ReCharge for your subscribers, and finally, replacing your current Stripe keys with keys looking for those specific customer tags.

If you need to temporarily grant access for any customers while a migration takes place, consider using the "Permit if the customer is tagged..." condition. This way, you can tag any customer who needs access for the moment.

I have questions!

Drop us a line at We're here for you. :)

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