Why is Locksmith adding information to my orders?

Why is this happening?

For key conditions like passcodes, secret links, and country limits, Locksmith adds system information to the visitor's cart. (This is how we keep things fast – the cart is the only place that Shopify can store visit-specific information.)

This means that, on checkout, this data can make it all the way into your order records. If this is happening, you'll see something like this in your order information:

If you have a large number of keys in your shop, this value can get quite large!

What to do about it

Locksmith will go out of its way to let you know that this might happen. You'll see a notice like this in your lock settings:

To allow Locksmith to automatically remove its information from an order's "Additional Details", head to your Locksmith settings area, and enable the "Remove Locksmith information from orders" setting at the end of the page. The setting looks like this:

After you enable this setting, Locksmith will ask you for the additional permissions needed for updating your order records. Once you grant permission, Locksmith will take care of keeping its data out of your orders from that point onward.

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