My account is suspended!

When suspension happens

Suspension can happen for two reasons:

  1. You've signed up for Locksmith, set up at least one lock, and let your free trial expire. Five days after that point, your account will be suspended. We'll be sending you heads-up emails before your trial expires, in addition to several warning emails before your account is suspended, followed by an email when the suspension itself occurs.
  2. You've been a Locksmith subscriber, but billing fails for your account. Because billing is run through Shopify, this should only happen if Shopify is unable to bill for any of your services at all. If such a billing failure occurs after your free trial would have expired, plus the five-day grace period described above, your account will be suspended. You'll receive an email if this occurs.

What suspension means

We freeze access to the locked material on your site. This means that nobody will be able to access your locked content.

We do this because your locked content is, by nature, intended to be secure. We believe unlocking all of your content upon suspension would be disrespectful to your data, so we freeze access instead.

What you can do

You have two options, which are explained in the warning emails we send out:

  1. Subscribe to Locksmith (or restore your Shopify billing, in case of a billing failure).
  2. Or, disable Locksmith for your shop. There's absolutely no obligation to pay for the app in this scenario.

If you're signed in as a shop administrator, you'll see this banner at the top of your online storefront:

Clicking the white button will bring you to the Locksmith app page for your shop, where you'll see this banner:

These buttons present your options. If you don't want to keep Locksmith, use the red "Disable Locksmith" button. If you do want to keep Locksmith, use the other button to set up your subscription.

If you have any questions, use that chat button in the corner. :)

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