I can't lock my custom page template!

For deeply custom pages, it's not unusual for designers to turn off the theme layout completely - via {% layout none %}  - in favor of writing all of their HTML and CSS within the page template. This is a great way to keep full control of presentation within a single template.

However, Locksmith does need the layout mechanism in order to do its job.

Happily, there are only three steps to reconciling your custom design with Locksmith's mechanics:

  1. Create a new layout called "blank", resulting in an asset called layout/theme.blank.liquid. Use the following two lines of code as its content:

    {%- comment %}{{ content_for_header }}{% endcomment -%}
    {{ content_for_layout }}	

    That's it - just those two lines. :)

  2. Open up the custom template for the page you've got locked. Find {% layout none %} , and replace just that line with these two lines of code:

    {% layout "theme.blank" %}
    {% include "locksmith-variables" %}{% unless locksmith_access_granted or locksmith_server_lock %}{% layout "theme" %}{% endunless %}	
  3. Finally, head to Locksmith's "Help" section, and click the "Update Locksmith" button, and wait for the update process to complete.

That's it! If you've got any questions, hit that chat button in the corner, and we'll be glad to help out. :D

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