Can Locksmith hide content from my in-store search?

Locksmith includes a checkbox inside of the "Settings" area, on lock pages, that will remove resources only from the default (comes with your theme) and static (does not show results as you type) searches in your store. The setting looks like this:

Note: message will vary slightly depending on the type of resource you’re locking.

Suggestions for third-party or dynamic searches

Using the above Locksmith setting to 'hide from search results'  will not remove the search results when a third party or dynamic search is enabled in your store.

Dynamic searches(show results as you type) enabled from within the theme settings: The only option here is to disable the dynamic loading of the products. Each theme is different, but this is typically done within the "search" settings for the theme. Once you open the Theme Editor, you can find it under your "Search" settings. On the Debut theme, for example, go to:

  • Theme Settings > Search > Enable product suggestions (turn OFF)

Third party searches: Locksmith won’t be able to hide your products from a search in this case, since the third party app is completely responsible for displaying search results when enabled. Suggestions:

  • Many third party apps have their own filtering settings. Check the settings for the app that you're using! At the very least, they should allow you to remove certain products entirely from appearing in searches.
  • Using Product Filter and Search from Boost Commerce? You're in luck! Boost Commerce has developed an integration with Locksmith. Contact their support team( to get help turning on the integration for your store. Just keep in mind that this can increase rendering time inside of the Product Filter and Search app since there is now an extra validation step for every query.

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