Customizing and translating messages

Guest message content

For most locks, Locksmith will default to showing this message to guests (i.e. customers who are not signed in with an account):

This content is protected - please log in with your customer account to continue.

Locksmith will follow this message with your shop's own customer login form.

You can customize this message over in the "Settings" tab, under the "Guest message content" setting.

Access denied content

For most locks, this is what Locksmith will show by default to customers who are signed in, but don't qualify for access:

This content is protected, but it doesn't look like you have access. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact the store owner.

You can customize this message over in the "Settings" tab, under the "Access denied content" setting.

Passcode, Mailchimp, and Stripe keys

These keys both all show a special prompt to the customer, asking for their submission before continuing. For passcode and Mailchimp keys, you can customize the prompt text in the key settings.

To customize the submit buttons and loading text, head over to your theme's language settings, and open the "Locksmith" tab:

Locksmith will use the values you customize here when displaying content to your visitors.

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