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This article reviews Locksmith's major version history. For a more fine-grained history of product updates, see

v6 – supported, receives updates

Beta: July 25, 2018
Released: October 19, 2018


  • Server keys are much faster. This includes passcodes, secret links, Mailchimp, IP addresses, and country codes.
  • Resources hidden by server keys (e.g. hidden collection links locked with country keys) are auto-revealed when the visitor is authorized, rather than requiring the visitor to navigate to a locked resource beforehand.
  • Manual locking is now compatible with server keys.

v5 – supported, does not receive updates

Beta: December 27, 2016
Released: April 1, 2017 (no, really)


  • Server keys (e.g. passcodes, secret links, Mailchimp, IP addresses) no longer load in an iframe, resulting in much better theme compatibility and display behavior when these keys are in play.
  • Server keys are now compatible with the shop's search area, and collection filtering.
  • Server keys are now compatible with Shopify themes that use sections. (For more information on these, see Shopify's announcement, and theme documentation.)

Known limitations

  • Manual locking does not yet work with server keys.

v4 – unsupported

Released: March 24, 2016

New features

  • Variant locking, allowing merchants to protect individual variants on existing products, instead of having to only protect at the product or collection level.
  • Better visibility controls, allowing for locked resources to be individually hidden (from menu navigation or from resource lists, e.g. search results), rather than having one global hide-everything toggle.


  • CSS and Javascript issues resolved, improving theme compatibility, by removing Locksmith's HTML comments completely from the page source.

Known limitations

  • Server keys are rendered in an iframe, which can cause complications for themes that rely on a predictable page height. This can be ameliorated by changing the iframe size height calculation method, in "Advanced Settings" section of the Settings tab.
  • v4 is not compatible with Shopify themes that use sections.

v3 – unsupported

Released: July 6, 2015

v2 – unsupported

Released: April 30, 2015

v1 – unsupported

Released: at the beginning. :)

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