Many, many merchants use Locksmith for managing wholesale listings. Here's the simplest possible setup:
  1. Create a collection of wholesale-only products - no mixing in other products from other parts of your store!
  2. Open Locksmith (available in your store's Apps list), and search for that collection to create a lock. This lock will cover all of the products in that collection.
  3. On the next screen, use the "Keys" section to create a key that permits access for your wholesale customers. (Our best recommendation: use the key "Permit if the customer is tagged with..." - check out the guide on approving customers for more details.)
  4. In the "Settings" section of the lock, under "For Unauthorized Guests... enable "Hide any links to this collection and its products".
  5. Head to "Online Store" -> "Navigation", in your Shopify admin, and add a menu link in your shop that points to your wholesale collection. The "Hide links to locked content" setting you enabled in step 4 will ensure that only your wholesalers will see this link.

    Note: If you want everyone to see your wholesale link, then configure your wholesale link exactly like this:

"But I'm wholesaling the same products that I sell retail!"

Understood! With Locksmith, you'll still need create a separate set of products in Shopify with the wholesale pricing. (There are other apps that can facilitate changing prices on your existing product listings - check out the Shopify App Store for more.)

"What about my inventory?"

If your products are wholesale-only, you're set! Shopify will track your inventory just the same as it would if Locksmith was out of play.

If you're selling the same item(s) with both retail and wholesale listings, the method described above will lead to inaccuracies since you'll have two separate product listings drawing from a single physical inventory.

If you have more retail purchases than wholesale, let Shopify track the retail products, and manually update your retail inventory when you receive a wholesale order.

Also, we've seen several apps in the Shopify app store which can handle syncing multiple products to single inventory count. :)

"Can I prevent my wholesalers from seeing retail products?"

You can! We'll use a new lock with the opposite condition, to make sure that the customer can only view your retail products if they're not approved.

Try these steps:

  1. Create a collection that covers all of your non-wholesale products. (If you have all of your wholesale products tagged "wholesale", this is as easy as setting up your collection to automatically include everything not tagged "wholesale".)
  2. Open Locksmith (available in your store's Apps list), and search for that new collection to create a lock.
  3. On the next screen, use the "Keys" section to create a key that permits access unless the customer is a wholesaler. (If you're using customer tags, use the "Permit if the customer is not tagged with…" key. Otherwise, click the "if" to change it to an "unless", and set up the key however you wish.)

That's it! Your wholesalers will now be prevented from seeing retail products once they're logged in. (Note: this trick doesn't prevent the wholesaler from arriving at your shop as a guest, adding retail products to the cart, then logging in to their wholesale account!)

"One more thing: I want to show products to everyone, but only show prices to wholesalers."

Easy! Create and lock the wholesale collection, but this time, enable manual locking to hide the prices. Then, work with a developer (or contact us!) to get your theme set up for manual locking - check out the guide on hiding prices for more details.

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