Team Areas

Here are the steps:

  1. Use Locksmith to create locks for each of your teams' collections. Make sure each lock is configured to hide menu links from unauthorized visitors.
  2. On each lock, add a key that applies to the group of customers that will be accessing this group of collection. Keys that make sense here are "passcode" or "customer tag" keys.
  3. Add links to each of your team collections to your shop's main navigation menu.
  4. To direct customers to their content, you can create a brand new page called "Team Login". This page will only be used to ask customers for their credentials and then point them to the navigation bar.
  5. Use Locksmith to create a lock for that page. Make sure the lock is configured to not hide menu links from unauthorized visitors. Then, add one key per team, each one will be identical to the keys you created for your collections.

With this setup, customers will visit the "Team Login" page and enter the passcode or sign in, whichever you choose to use. After this is done, the navigation link that applies to them will appear and they will be able to access their collection from the navigation bar.

Note: Because of limitations of the navigation bar, and the involvement of setting this up, it is not recommend to use this if you have more than 10-15 unique customer groups.

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