Removing Locksmith

If you've been using Locksmith to protect your shop, uninstallation means two things:

  1. Removing Locksmith from your theme
  2. Removing Locksmith from your Shopify apps list

The order is important! Locksmith can't clean up its code from your theme after you remove it from your apps list (and neither can Locksmith staff), so it's critical to have Locksmith remove itself from your theme before removing the app from your list.

*If you had any custom code added manually for price hiding, restricting the add-to-cart button, hiding specific elements, etc., then that will need to be manually removed before removing Locksmith from your apps list. If you want help removing this custom code, email us – We're here to help. :)

1. Removing Locksmith from your theme

Open the app from within Shopify, or log in at if you've previously removed it from your apps list.

Next, click on the "Help" button in the upper right corner.

Next, click the red "Remove Locksmith" button.

After clicking this, you'll see Locksmith letting you know that it's syncing your settings with Shopify. Wait for this to complete before continuing.

2. Removing Locksmith from your Shopify apps list

Navigate to the apps section of your Shopify admin area, and use the "Delete" link next to Locksmith.

You'll be prompted for some optional feedback. Fill this out if you like, then click the red "Uninstall" button. Done!

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