Broken search results, collection filtering, or general theme display issues

This guide applies to v4 and earlier.

Using a passcode, secret link, Mailchimp, IP address, or geolocation key? These keys work a bit differently from all the rest - because they depend on information that must be stored on Locksmith's servers, the protected content must be fetched from Locksmith's servers as well. This doesn't cause any problems the vast majority (literally, at least 99.9%) of the time. However, there are a few limitations:

  • Search results. When applied to a shop-wide lock, your visitors will be unable to use your shop's search feature.
  • Collection filtering by tags. When applied to a shop-wide lock or a collection lock, your visitors will be unable to filter results by product tags.
  • Themes which have elements positioned at the bottom of the screen. This issue is rare, but because these keys require Locksmith to serve the content in a frame drawn over the screen, occasionally a theme will run afoul of the frame sizing logic, resulting in strange page heights. To fix this, try changing your shop's frame height calculation method - you'll find this under "Advanced", at the bottom of the "Settings" page.

The best workaround: upgrade to v5.

You can do this like so:

  1. Open Locksmith, click "Navigate" and then "Settings".
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom, to the "Advanced" section.
  3. Use the version dropdown box to select "v5", and hit save.

That's it! Now that you've upgraded, it's a good idea to read the Locksmith version history notes for details and known limitations for v5.

Alternatively, you can work around all of these issues by also requiring your customers to sign in.

Here's why: These keys default to remembering access for customers who are signed in. (This can be changed in the settings for the key.) Because Locksmith can check for that remembered approval without depending on Locksmith's servers, all page loads after the very first one will be totally free of the limitations listed above.

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