What should I do if my site is loading slowly?

If your online storefront is showing poor performance, it's possible that an unintentionally aggressive Locksmith configuration is to blame. When options like "Hide any links to this product" are enabled, it creates the possibility for Locksmith's suite of security checks to be run many times, slowing the rendering process of your storefront.

If you're seeing slow load times, try the following to debug and resolve the situation:

  • Temporarily disable Locksmith. If your site is still performing poorly, it's probable that the issue lies elsewhere.
  • In the settings for each of your locks, disable the "Hide any links to this resource" and "Hide this resource" checkboxes. This will result in Locksmith removing its security checks from places where your storefront theme performs a "loop", e.g. the places where it cycles through lists of links/pages/collections/products/etc. This is a common cause of performance issues.
  • Enlisting the help of a developer if necessary, find the specific assets in your storefront theme which (a) evaluate Locksmith's code many times, and (b) do so unnecessarily. Add these assets to to your Locksmith asset blacklist, available in your account settings. Locksmith will strip itself out of that asset, when you do so. If you need to selectively re-add Locksmith to part of that asset, to protect something specific, use our guide on manual mode as a reference.
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