The Locksmith in-app resource search bar

Use the search bar within Locksmith to place a lock on any content within your Shopify "Online Store".

What is searchable

Here are the types of resources that you are able to lock (and search for!) from within Locksmith:

Important: If you are attempting to search for one of the above resources, and it doesn't show up, the first thing to do is to update Locksmith(see below), which will update Locksmith's list of searchable resources in your store.

What is not searchable

  • Product tags: to lock a group of products with the same tag create an Automated Collection, and then lock the collection using Locksmith. 
  • Third party apps
  • Any page that is not located inside of your Online Store
  • Menus and menu links: Menu links are not directly searchable, but they can still be hidden from unauthorized access! If they point to one of the resource types in the list at the top of this page. In this case, just make sure the option to "Hide any links to this [resource] in your shop’s navigation menus" is turned on (under Settings) for the corresponding lock.

Still having trouble?

If you are searching for something like a product or a collection (or something else that is definitely searchable), and it just isn't showing up, you may just need to switch up your search terms. 

  • Try using fewer (but more specific) search terms. 
  • Keep in mind that pasting in the URL of the item you are trying to search will not work in most cases, you will need to search by name.

Updating Locksmith

If you've created something recently and it's not showing up, an update to Locksmith can help.

1. Open the Locksmith app and press the "Help" button
2. Click on the "Update Locksmith" button:

3. When the green bar at the bottom of the screen disappears, the update is finished. This should only take a handful of seconds.

A note about Liquid locks

Locksmith also gives you the ability to create "Liquid locks". This can allow you to target nonstandard resources or groups of pages in your store with Locksmith locks that are otherwise not directly searchable. You can start a Liquid lock using the button directly above the search bar:

If you think a Liquid lock could help you, try your hand at some Liquid code, or you can always write in to us for any questions about a specific use case.

As always, feel free to get in touch with us using the message icon in the bottom right corner of this page!

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