Why are my customers seeing a reCAPTCHA when logging in?

For security, Shopify may ask your customers to complete a Google reCAPTCHA task, verifying that a human user is present. This is an effective way to prevent bot submissions of orders and contact forms. Locksmith doesn't have any control over these; they're entirely managed by Shopify.

Shopify allows these reCAPTCHA tasks to be enabled or disabled in two categories: at checkout, and on contact forms. That second category is a little misleading: it also applies to normal customer login attempts.

To manage these settings, find the "Online Store" navigation category, in your Shopify admin's list of sales channels. From that navigation list, head to the "Preferences" area, and scroll to the very end of the page of settings. You'll find a section titled "Spam protection". Use this section to control your online storefront's settings for Google reCAPTCHA.

If you have more questions about how these work, contact Shopify support.

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