Why aren't my locks working?

First things first: let's make sure Locksmith is fully up to date with your current theme.

Start by navigating to Locksmith's "Help and support" section, linked at the bottom of every page in the app. Then, click the "Update Locksmith" button.

If that doesn't help, it's possible that Locksmith is remembering that you previously accessed something successfully – for example, perhaps Locksmith is remembering that you successfully entered a passcode earlier, and it's therefore not hiding content from you any longer.

To test this, open your site from a new device or browser, or use your browser's private/incognito mode. (Learn how to do this for Chrome, for Safari on Mac (or on iOS), for Firefox, or for Edge.

If that doesn't help, double-check your configuration one more time. Inside the Locksmith app, check each lock individually for warnings, or for keys that might be accidentally allowing access.

If you're still having trouble, email us – team@uselocksmith.com. We're here to help. :)

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