Compatibility with other apps

Locksmith works in and around the online storefront theme layer – an arena shared by many, many other apps. Locksmith's interoperability is excellent; its internal Liquid engine is very good at injecting its code in the right places, without causing issues for themes or apps.

Having said that, there are a few places where there are specific points of compatibility or incompatibility.

Officially supported

  • Boost Commerce officially supports Locksmith in their Product Filter & Search app. Their integration allows merchants to have a dynamic search and filter feature in their store, while respecting any locks you might have on your products or collections. (Note: this integration does not work with variant locks.) To learn more, see their official documentation.

Officially unsupported

Apps on this list may work with Locksmith, but they're known to have issues if Locksmith has been configured to be active in the same area that these apps are in. (For example, it'd be problematic to combine Locksmith's variant locking with Bold's custom pricing, since both systems actively modify how stores display variants.)

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