Setting up a basic lock

Locksmith is a tool for merchants on Shopify to restrict access to the content in their Online Store. It's a simple tool, and in many cases can be set up in only a few minutes.

Note: If you are wanting to only hide specific content on the product page, such as the prices, add-to-cart, or product description, we call this "manual locking", and it takes a couple extra steps. See how to set that up here. If not, continue reading..

To get started, go to the "Apps" page, from the main menu of your Shopify admin, and click on Locksmith. You'll be presented with the main page of Locksmith. Create a lock using the Locksmith search bar under "Add lock". Search for the content, by name, that you would like to lock . This can be a - product, collection, page, variant, etc. More info on lock creation and the search bar here.

Note: Use the actual name of what you are looking for, such as "T Shirt", or "Wholesale Products". Using search terms like "collection", "product, "blog", etc, will not work here.

On the next page, under Keys, choose the method of access. The most commonly-used key conditions will show up first, but you can search or keep scrolling for more options:

For the complete list of key conditions, see this page here.

Once you save the lock, Locksmith will take a few moments to update your theme. After the installation finishes, you can navigate to your locked content on your store front, and you should immediately see the restriction is now in place. Locksmith will automatically show the appropriate content, using the styling from your theme, on the page. The access denied content will correspond to the key condition that you used. 

So, for example, if you chose a condition requiring a sign-in:

Or, if you chose a passcode-only entry method, you'll see a different prompt:

The messages displayed on these pages can be customized as much as you need. More info on that here.

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